YX-1 Stereo zoom microscopes is a monocular video microsystem with highly contrast coaxial illuminating stereo zoom.


● Using Israel designed optical system, more stability and more reliable.

● Breaking through the limitation s of the traditional microscope, 95mm objective lens can be connected to extend the scope of observation.

● Zoom range is 0.7-4.5, zoom ratio is 1:7.

● Using monocular to adjust zoom, making the zooming process more comfortable and smooth.

● The center of zoom is adjustable, and the center offset is very small.

● Adjustable high brightness and long-life LED illuminates coaxially.

● Especially suitable for high reflectance surface, deep hole and other illumination.

● Modular design, easy installation.

Technical Parameters

● Depth of field

low: 0.95mm

high: 0.085mm

● System distortion: 0.6823%

● Spherical aberration: 0.00959

● System eccentricity: within 0.03mm

● System Magnification: 0.75X-5.25X

● System zoom radio: 1:7

● NA

low: 0.024

high: 0.080

● Resolution

low: 7.5um

high: 2um

● View field


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